Vianatece is a family-owned company that is a world reference in Handmade Weaving.

Founded in 1985 in the charming city of Viana do Castelo.

Inspired initially by its famous “Rag Carpets”, it gives life to bold articles that fulfill the needs of an attentive public, not only for their daily use, but also for their innovative design, quality and simplicity.


The company has assumed responsibilities so that all its products and services have the minimum impact on the environment, always guaranteeing their quality.

Focused on a reduced ecological footprint, it stands out for the use of hundreds of thousands of kilograms of waste from the textile industry per year. It ensures with merit an industrial production through manual looms.

Vianatece has supported several social causes in the region where it operates, maintaining a close relationship with the region's community, employing a hundred workers. Invest in the continuous training of its employees in order to guarantee the quality required. Constantly investing in R&D is a key part of Vianatece's positioning vis-à-vis the competition. Increasingly consolidate the foreign market by actively participating in the main international fairs in the sector.