Whistleblowing Policy

The reporting channel of Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. / LethesHome/ LethesHome Apartments was established in accordance with current applicable legislation and good corporate practices, reinforcing the positioning with the principles reflected in the principles of transparency and ethics.

This channel is intended to facilitate the identification of potentially irregular situations or infringements, including real or potential reasonable suspicions, which have occurred or which are considered to be very likely to occur.

We point out that this channel does not replace the current means of contact for the purposes of "Complaints about the provision of services" - whose respective complaint must be sent to the email: vianatece@vianatece.pt

To file a complaint, you must send an email to denuncias@letheshome.pt

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Whistleblower principles and protection

Independence, impartiality, confidentiality, data protection, secrecy and absence of conflicts of interest in the treatment and analysis of complaints received are guaranteed.

In any situation, the whistleblower is protected against any form of retaliation, being granted the possibility of submitting an anonymous complaint, under the legal terms.

Who is considered a whistleblower

The natural person who denounces or publicly discloses an irregularity or infraction.

Who can file a complaint

  • Customers.
  • Collaborators.
  • Former employees.
  • Service providers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, as well as any persons acting under their supervision and direction.
  • Holders of shareholdings, persons belonging to administrative or management bodies or fiscal or supervisory bodies of Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda., including non-executive members.
  • Volunteers and interns, paid or unpaid
  • Others.

Complaint management responsibility

Complaints will be received by the competent area of ​​Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. which, after registration and classification, will proceed with the treatment process, including referral to the areas responsible for analyzing and monitoring the process.

The treatment, investigation and taking of measures in relation to the complaints received is, in accordance with the legislation, the responsibility of Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda., which are handled through an internal computer platform.

Anonymous Denunciations

Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. undertakes to respect anonymity in all cases in which the complainant intends to file an anonymous complaint, regardless of the detail of the information contained in the complaint and the possibility of identifying the whistleblower through the facts described. It is clarified that Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda will deal with all complaints, anonymous or not, whenever it contains sufficient and relevant material and information to allow investigation. Notwithstanding this treatment, all whistleblowers will be notified at the email address through which the complaint was made. To check the status of the process, you must request it via email, indicating the ID assigned by Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda to your complaint.


Complaints may be submitted from the following areas:

  • Conflict of interests
  • Consumer defense
  • Public health
  • Product safety and compliance
  • Food safety for human consumption
  • Environmental Protection
  • Protection of privacy and personal data
  • Network and information systems security
  • Inappropriate Conduct
  • misuse of resources
  • Discrimination or Prejudice
  • Harassment (moral or sexual)
  • Fraud and Corruption
  • Money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Others

We reinforce that all situations not related to the topics described above should be addressed to other communication channels, namely:

Complaints about service provision – via email vianatece@vianatece.pt

Data to be included in the whistleblower's email

*What is the relationship with Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda / LethesHome/ LethesHome Apartments

Employee/ Former Employee/ Supplier/ Client/ Others

*What type of Complaint

Conflict of Interests / Consumer Protection / Public Health / Product Safety and Compliance / Food Safety for Human Consumption / Environmental Protection / Privacy and Personal Data Protection / Network and Information Systems Security / Inappropriate Conduct / Misuse / Discrimination or Prejudice / Harassment (moral or sexual) / Fraud and Corruption / Money laundering and financing of terrorism / Others

*The fact has already occurred

Yes or no

*There are witnesses

Yes or no

*How certain are you about the fact you are reporting

I'm sure / I suspect / I heard

*Description of the complaint

Personal Data Protection

By sending the complaint by email, you declare that you are aware of the conditions for the processing of your personal data, and, for that, consult the Privacy Policy.

Also get to know the rules for processing personal data within the scope of the Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda / LethesHome/ LethesHome Apartments.

Vianatece Artesanato Tecelagem, Lda. will conduct with responsibility, independence and suitability the receipt, investigation and treatment of your complaint.